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We support a healthier Africa.

The well-being of a society can be defined by the healthy state of its population. The problem of public health in Africa is one that could be prevented or controlled, yet the medical decision to confront these problems are scarcely unattainable. Diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, river blindness, elephantiasis, STDs, cholera, and simple diarrhea pose as the most common public health issues that can in some way or another be prevented.

The fact that several of those affected mostly live in the rural areas, makes it even harder to ascertain the damaging effect of these various diseases. Other factors that can be attributed to the problem of population health include the following:

  • Poor sanitation
  • Limited access to medical facilities
  • Lack of basic health education
  • Improper sexual practices
  • Lack of clean drinking water
  • Lack of essential medicines
  • Improper diagnostic procedures
  • Long waiting time before seeking any kind of medical help

According to the World Health Organization, the diseases often faced by poor communities are:


These are often neglected diseases that affect almost exclusively the poor and the powerless living in the rural parts of Africa. These diseases cause immense suffering and often life-long disabilities but rarely kill, thus leading into little to no attention and funding afforded the high-mortality diseases. For most of these diseases, safe and cost-effective interventions are available.

How Project Health Africa Plans to Help

  • Encourage proper sanitary condition
  • Provide appropriate and adequate means of clean water supply to the rural areas mostly affected
  • Provide mosquito nets and insecticides to the mosquito-afflicted areas
  • Provide the needed medicines to combat communicable diseases in a cost-effective manner
  • Provide the medical manpower that will aid in the prevention, timely diagnosis, and treatments of the most common communicable diseases
  • Enact educational program that will ensure the teaching of safe sexual practices, birth control measures
  • Encourage community health education that will focus on men’s and women’s health issues like, colon cancer, lung cancer, liver diseases, diabetes, breast cancers, cervical cancers, etc., as these tend to be eating away a large proportion of the population that may not have any idea about the aforementioned issues

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