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Project Health Africa is a humanitarian aid project that aims to provide healthcare supplies and facilities all over Africa. Thus, with this initiative, we aim to help improve the medical needs of our African brothers and sisters by giving them immediate access to care. Prior to our project, we have observed the dwindling amount of healthcare clinics and professionals in various villages and communities. This led to children being sickly, mothers having little to no access to quality care during childbirth, and for the overall population to have limited knowledge about proper health practices.

We see this problem as a means for us to take action. Project Health Africa was started by dedicated healthcare professionals who aim to make a change in the African communities.

Our Mission

The mission of Project Health Africa is to solve the healthcare problems in Africa. The project aims to provide dependable healthcare supplies and facilities that will answer the needs of the African people. In summary, Project Health Africa strives to build a healthier Africa through compassion, integrity, and unity.

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